Monday, January 7, 2013


Hi Mahesh Ji, I had long before purchased CINEMAX. Now post split i hold both CINEMAX PROPERTIES and CINEMAX INDIA. Due to recent news of takeover, both has shoot up. Whats your call on these now? ask by Rajiv daniel ji. 
1.Rajiv ji Cinemax india ltd is a 5 rupee face value stock making recent new year high 200.65 and traded at year high so this is a bullish sign ( year low 55 for cinemax india ltd ). 
2.Promoters holding 69.27 % in Cinemax india ltd. which is also good. 
3.Today ( at 07.01.2013)many bulk deal happen in this script so i think bubble is near to blast , so it is advisable to book your profit in cinemax india ltd. OR you may hold it with trailing stop loss.
4.Cinemax Properties Limited is a T group stock traded at 15.70 year high for Cinemax Properties Limited is 39.45 and year low 11.60 so this is a bearish pattern.
 5.Promoters holding 69.27 % in Cinemax Properties Limited which is good.
 6.Cinemax Properties Limited also shown heavy bulk deal in Nov 2012 @22.19 and after these deal stock is cool down.
7. So my view is negative for both of companies Cinemax Properties Limited and cinemax india ltd,so i think book your profits. 
8.I have no any share of both of companies.

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