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Mahesh bhai thanks a lot for information, As per your calculation so many good companyes are available at very low price, i read some where that ROE and ROCE is most important for management effective ness, is it ok that company haveing ROCE more than 35 are good to buy please through some light on more fundamental, and please give your view about ganesha ecosphere and ind swift lab, Thanks and regards, ask by jignesh patel ji 
1. thanks jignesh ji for your comment about fundamental analysis, i do not knew about ROE and ROCE, in my buying i always check these points:-
 • Net revenue of company not nil and net revenue per share per year is more than market price of stock.
 • Year high/ year low is below 
 • Promoters holding is more than 20 %
 • No bulk deal in last 2 years.
 • No bonus and stock spilt in last 2 year. 
• promoters not reduce his holdings in last 2 year 
2.GANESHA ECOSPHERE LTD is a 10 rupee face value stock traded at 46 
3.Year high and year low of GANESHA ECOSPHERE LTD is 61.90 and 39 so this ratio is normal.
 4. Promoters holding of GANESHA ECOSPHERE LTD is 56.50 % and they increase his holdings which is good. 
5. Bulk deal of 1.25 lakh share happen in 12-08-2012 so this is negative as my concept of investing.
 6. this is a low volume and risky stock so i think you may wait downside for fresh investing. 
7. i have no any stock of GANESHA ECOSPHERE LTD.


  1. Mahesh Bhai ,

    Happy Diwali , I am reading your Blog for the first time .
    With respect to the points given above for analysis , I would like to ask you , from where do we collect information , is there any specific sites to get these information.


  2. yes divakar ji i use for this purpose


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