Thursday, October 11, 2012

deccan gold mines India bulls power and south indian bank

Sir, I have 500 shares of deccan gold mines purchased @31.70, 1000 shares of India bulls power purchased @16.90, 1200 shares of south indian bank purchased @24.56. Sir Please share your opinion, whether i can hold this for a period of 2 years or shall i reduced these stocks? ask by kiran sounuman ji
1. kiran ji please ask only one share at a time for detail analysis.
2. deccan gold mines is a 1 rupee face value stock with nil revenue promoters holding 43.56 % and Fii holding 3.08 % year high and year low is 26 and 15.08 stock traded at 21 my view is negative due to nil net revenue but other ratio like promoters holding and year high low say that deccan gold mines give you a exit opportunity near your buying price so it will be a hold for you.
3.India bulls power ltd is a 10 rupee face value power company India bulls power ltd is also a nil revenue company i wonder that who is recommended you this type of nil revenue companies? year high and year low is 20 and 8 which is not good promoters holding 60.79 but they reduce there holding from 62.34 % so if i am in your side i book my loss in India bull power and try to enter again near 5-6 after wait of 3-15 months. so please take your own decision.
4.south Indian bank is 1 rupee face value share with good net sells of 1069.43 cr promoters holding is nil in south Indian bank but FII holding is 45.27 % so pure FII driven stock, i think this will give you a exit with profit so hold this.
5. i have no any stock of above 3 companies. all of your stocks are traders favorite speculative stocks so fundamentally not possible to give a view in these type of stocks but my view is negative for all of 3 stocks .


  1. Sir, regRding south indian bank... You wrote that promoters holding nil .... I this it is not true becos how can a company run without promotor holding dont make these type of stupid commentsssss

  2. Respected reader,
    please do not call me stupid because i get this data of promoters holding from BSE website , you can also see this authantic data at this link

    It is possible to run a company without promoters because in South Indian bank DII and FII hold large holdings so there Representative in company board of directors run the company.
    so please avoid comments without knowledge and research.


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