Sunday, September 16, 2012


Mahesh Ji,
I read the net revenue concept for share valuation in your blog. What if a company has good sales but a poor operation??? Say they incur huge operation costs and that is why it is going to loss. Please let me know your views ask by Rajiv daniel ji
1.Rajiv ji i tell you a simple example for more clarification ,suppose you have a simple fruit shop and your net sell per year is 1000000 rupee but due to competition you have no pricing power and you also buy a refrigerator for food store with a cost of 50000 and open some other outlets so end of the year your fruit shop is in loss.
2. But next year your fruit shop have not to require expansion plans and not to buy any refrigerator's so your company may be turn around in profit.
3. this is the concept that if a company per share sell of 500 rupee than one day it will be earn 10% profit of this earnings it is 50 rupee per share so if a stock have EPS of 50 than at p/E of 10 market price is 500.
4. Now i give a practical example i always say in this blog that MTNL is best choice in telecoms sector ( i think you remember my former post about making a SIP in MTNL and other telecoms )
5.Now we check last year net revenue of MTNL it is 33689900000 rupee ( i use bseindia dot com site for check last year net sell ) and total number of share in MTNL is 63,00,00,000 so now divided it 33689900000/63,00,00,000=53.47 so we easily assume that when MTNL earn simple 10% profit than EPS of MTNL is near 5.5 and at a P/E of 10 price of MTNL is 50-55 is genuine price so in last few months MTNL is traded near 20 and if any one buy it in this concept than he /she earn more than 100% profit in MTNL within 2-3 months.


  1. Dear Sir,
    Recently I came to know fundamental target of share using your easy formula. for example Gujarat State Petronet 11232800000/562698981=19.96+44.91=64.87=32.44-3.2=29. So the fundmental price of this stock is Rs 29. Please advice me how to calculate the long term value of this share. Some shares going double in 3month. Please answer to

    George Daniel from Kuwait

  2. it is true daniel ji some share going double to triple but that is speculative price not fundamental target. please try to diffarance in fundamental and speculation. and as your calclulation it is possible to see 29 price in GSPL so my view AVOID for GSPL
    if 29 come ( not sure but posiblities is there) than i post a review on this blog


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