Saturday, September 1, 2012


Dear Sir,
I have invested on SHREE ASHTAVINAYAKA stock. Am holding the stock from long, daily its coming down. Please suggest your view on this stock where to hold it or sell off.

1. Shree ashtavinayaka cine vision or shree ashta is now a one rupees face value share.
2. SHREE ASHTAVINAYAK CINE VISION LTD is give bonus of 4:1 at 2 Feb. 2010 (record date for bonus) and due to price bonus adjustment price of this share is down and enter in a 2-3 year sleep zone.
3. To know about sleep zone and  how price is adjusted after bonus? please read my former article on this link
4. promoter holding in shree ashtavinayaka cine vision is only 5.03 % which is reduced from 5.97% so very poor promoters holding .

5. Year high of SHREE ASHTAVINAYAK CINE VISION LTD is 7.88 and year low is 2.00 and as my rule when year high/year low ratio is more than 2 than it is show stock is in bearish trend.
6. Recently at 24.07.12  KARVY FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED sell 5342855 share of shree astha through a bulk deal i think this huge sell is also negative.
6.My view is negative for shree ashtavinayaka cine vision .i have no any stocks of shree ashtavinayaka cine vision .

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