Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Dear Sir, I'm here by requesting your urgent help regarding the below mentioned stock Accel Transmatic 500nos @ 28.73 Regards, George Daniel ji
1. ACCEL TRANSMATIC LTD is a 10 rupee face value storage media company.
2. Year high and year low of ACCEL TRANSMATIC LTD is 18.65 and 7.55 stock traded at 8.34 so year high and year low ratio show a bearish trend in ACCEL TRANSMATIC LTD. 3.Company have very poor revenue and i think stock may show further down prices in coming one year.
4.Promoters holding in ACCEL TRANSMATIC LTD is 58.55 % and promoters of accel transmatic ltd plaged there 20.12 % stocks so this is not good and second thing company have low number of shares so easy to speculate in pricing.
5.Accel Transmatic Limited, formerly known as Transmatic Systems Limited, was formed through a strategic merger of Transmatic Systems Limited, Accel Software & Technologies Limited and Ushus Technologies Private Limited. The company operates through two business divisions namely Ushus Technologies and Accel Animation Studios and has its subsidiary company in San Jose, California USA.
6.Overall my view is negative but you may hold your stocks because you already lost 20 rupee per share and average out when stock is stable for recognise stability just track year high and year low ratio now it is 2.47 when it come below 1.5 ( it will take time )than you start your average outing your stock in a SIP of per month.
7. i have no any stock of ACCEL TRANSMATIC LTD .

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