Sunday, October 9, 2011


Nsr.logu said... I bought ibreal at 240 two years back of 535 quantities I want to know what to do
1. INDIABULLS REAL ESTATE LTD is a 10 rupee face value real estate company.
2. Book value of INDIABULLS REAL ESTATE LTD is 159.20 so this is a value buy at current price.
3. Year high of INDIABULLS REAL ESTATE LTD is 209.10 and year low 67.85
4. Promoter holding in INDIABULLS REAL ESTATE LTD is 27.95 % and FII holding 49.33% and promoters increase their holding from 22.96% which is good.
5. But you’re buying price is very high and one concept in this market is “ if you hold a stock for 6 year than in 95% case you’re buying price will be back.” But 6 year holding is a very long period.
6. I have no any stock of INDIABULLS REAL ESTATE LTD.
7. Use this link for asking a question to Mahesh kaushik

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