Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hi Mahesh Ji plz suggest me about Jain Irrigation.Ur valuable suggestions are helpful for small investor like us..ask by shri rohit bist
1.JAIN IRRIGATION SYSTEMS LTD is a plastic product company which makes plastic pipe for drip irrigation systems.
2. JAIN IRRIGATION SYSTEMS LTD is a 2 rupee face value share and belonging to BSE group A and BSE 200
3. 52 week high of JAIN IRRIGATION SYSTEMS LTD is 264.57 and 52 week low 128.70
4. promoters holding in JAIN IRRIGATION SYSTEMS LTD is 30.36% and FII holding 55.17 % this is a good holding pattern because in this condition only few of stocks available for general public and my formula is " i like stocks where  general public holding is lower" because good promoters and FII holding show that stocks is growth oriented.
5. one negative point that book value of JAIN IRRIGATION SYSTEMS LTD is 42.43 only so stock traded near about 4 times of his book value and if any big fall come in market than stock easily touch 40-50 so if you take holding in this stocks and see fall below 128 (year low ) than book loss quickly and buying again near 40-50.
6. if you are unable to trade like this than i think do not take position in this stock and wait for 50
7. JAIN IRRIGATION SYSTEMS LTD is spilt from 10 rupee face value to 2 rupee face value in Nov 2010 and generally within 1 year of bonus issue and stock spilt stock movement is very dull.
8. i have no any stock of JAIN IRRIGATION SYSTEMS LTD.


  1. Hi Mahesh,
    Hope you remember me. I am silently following your blog.
    One correction I wanted to notify in case of Jain Irrigation.

    The Promoters holding is 30% and
    FII holding is 55%

    Check the following link for the same

    And this as per my thinking one more negative point. As it seems FII are holding twice the stock than Promoters and this way they can make / break the company and Promoters will be helpless and on top of it the promoters have their shares pledged also.

    Just wanted to show you this.


  2. thanks vikas ji for correcting me..i am very thankfull to you main article promoter holding is correctedd by me...sorry for mistake

    i think you are dr.vikas bargale which sent me a pdf e book i correct?

  3. Yes Mahesh. I am Dr. Vikas Bargale.
    I only sent you the Margin Of Sfety by Seth Klarman
    Following your blog daily but silently.


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