Sunday, July 10, 2011


I have Purchase GEODESIC LTD -100 share 73 rs Pls send me details


1. GEODESIC LTD is a 2 rupee face value Internet software company.
2. in my personal thinking i think future of software companies is not bright because due to free version of software's and increasing quantity of IT professional huge payment for software is now a history. these day new software professionals available at every palace for making soft wares.
3. year high 142.75 and year low 65.70 ...these day i see most of my readers ask questions about these type of stocks where a stock fall more then 50 % from his year high and just try to bounce back but remember after this type of fall in these small caps they are metered in a sleep zone of 2-3 year where they show only trading bounce backs.
4. promoters holding in GEODESIC LTD is 23.22 % but FII reduce there holding from 43.42 % to 39.22% if more FII
5. my view is negative for GEODESIC LTD and i have no any stock of GEODESIC LTD.

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