Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Dear Sir,
What is your view on ICSA, I have just purchased these shares at 107/-
Best REgards,
Deepak S
1. ICSA (INDIA) LTD is an indo next script of 2 rupee face value traded at 104.
2. promoter holding in ICSA (INDIA) LTD is 21.89% and FII holding 22.03% FII decrease his holding from 31.76%
3. for more details of indonext script read this link
4. year high of  ICSA (INDIA) LTD  is 162 and year low 98.70
5. stock is traded at high valuation ,ICSA (INDIA) LTD  is a electric equipment company book value of this share is 176.60
6. although book value of this stock is higer then CMP but due to reducing FII holding, low promoter holding and company belonging to indonext group with low face value of 2 rupee only and only electric equipment business my view is negative for ICSA (INDIA)LTD.
7. i have no any share of ICSA ltd.

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