Saturday, January 15, 2011


As you knew that arvind ltd is my fancy share since this share traded @12. When arvind ltd traded @12 this blog advice to buy a huge quantity of arvind ltd for making multiple gains and now most of investor make 500 % profit in this share.
Now most of my followers ask me about future of arvind ltd. It is very hard to advice a fancy stock becase hungary cow always see green grass. So I try to give my future concept about this share but please do not forget that 80% of my portfolio is cover by this single stock so my personal intrest is there so I may be wrong or overdescribe arvind ltd.
In the fifth edition of Vibrant Gujarat Summit Arvind Ltd, signed MoUs for residential township projects worth Rs 2,500 crore, so value unlocking of its real eastate business is start now. And other divisons of telecome, engineering, retail value unlocking also start in coming 3 years.
To day arvind ltd have 170 retail store but plan to extand his retail store 500 till 2014
And promoters also continue increase there holdings so I think wait a big boom in coming 3 year arvind may give unbelievable of unexpected returns.
Arvind ltd is in my personal holding so my intrest is there please read disclaimer before take any action this is not a buying advice because share market is always risky and I may be wrong in some cases

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