Saturday, January 29, 2011


Dear Sir,
I am new market and reading your blog from past 6months.
after seeing your analysis on many stocks, i would like to know you views on DMC Education and Dolphin Medical Service ltd( foraying into infra).

1. DMC Education Limited, formerly DMC International Limited, is an India-based education company.
2. DMC education ltd is a former realty company and current education company with 5 rupee face value.
3. promoter CONTINUE REDUCE THERE HOLDING holding in DMC EDUCATION from 61.52 % , to 55.08 and 53.96 % and i think you knew that this is a great nagative point.
4. 52 week low is 8.69 and 52 week high is 26.70 for DMC EDUCATION share traded near 12 so it is not bad BUT BUYING BELOW 8 IS MORE SAFE.
5. bulk deals show that operator interest in this share.
6. book value of this share 10.21
7. so overall my view is nagative for DMC education ltd. and due to speculator interest it may be risky. KEi have no any share of DY WORDS:- FREE TIPS FOR INDIAN SHARE MARKET FUTURE AND OPTION DAY TRADING FUNDAMENTAL TECHNICAL

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  1. Thanks a lot for informative comments Mahesh. I have been following your blogs for 2 months now and I am really impressed by your analysis.This is my first port in your blog.Carry on the good work. God Bless.


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