Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hello Maheshji,
Thank you very much for the very clear fundamental views that you are providing in your webiste/blog. I apprecaite your service .
If time permits , please give your views about " Exelon Infrastructure Ltd ".
Thanks again.

1. Exelon infrastructure ltd is basically an edible oil company and company name realated with word “ infrastructure” such type of situation mostly find in penny stocks traded below 20.
2. Exelon infrastructure ltd is a T group script with 10 rupee face value P/E 15.41 EPS 2.80 all is normal.
3. Promoters continue reduce there shareholding in exelon infrastructure ltd from 36.01 % to 20.03 % this point is very nagative.
4. 52 week high of excelon infrastructure ltd is 62.90 and 52 week low 13.00 so this type of situation show “end of rally”
5. This month some bulk deals happen in this script so this point is also nagative because mostly i see that after these type of bulk deals share enter in long term bearish zone.
6. Book value of exelon infrastructure ltd is 19.47 so i think fair value of this script is below 20
7. So my view is total nagative for exelon infrastructure ltd. Read disclaimer before take any action i have no any share of exelon infrastructure ltd.

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