Friday, November 19, 2010


Mahesh Sirji,
Thanks a lot for your reply it really helps sir……..Can you please let me know abt Riba textiles. Riba textiles 200 shares @ 17rs per share Sir ji also market is going down due to global weakness……what r ur outlook for short term investment at this point of time?? Regards, Saifuddin Accenture Mumbai
1. safuddin ratlam wala ji I think market correction is start and it will be continue for next 20-30 trading session in these sessions market behave sideways or corrective phase with little pull backs but these days are important for fresh delivery base buying for outlook of 2-3 months I start my fresh buying to day with R COM .
2. Riba textile is a 10 rupee face value share.
3. book value of riba textile is 34.34 so I think this price ( CMP 12 ) is a value buying and you may no need to worry with your buying price 17 I am very happy to see your small quantity .. I always try to educate my blog readers that BUYING IN SMALL LOTS is a good policy.
4. 52 week low for riba textile is 8.25 and 52 week high 19.85 EPS of FY 09-10 only 0.32 so share traded at high P/E but I think market may victim a huge rally in textile sector because this is the only sector that not performs in last 20 year.
5. Promoter holding 53.33 % in riba textile is also a good sign.
6. So I think you may hold riba textile for a profitable exit
7. My discloser: - I am not holding any share of riba textile but hold arvind ltd in textile sector so my personal interest is included in textile sector.


  1. Hi Kaushik ji,

    What are the other stocks which can be buy for gains in next 2 to 3 months.??

  2. i discus some of stocks for buying in this fall in my next article on this blog r com , mtnl, tata com , r power, sasken comunication , NHPC etc read next article for right buying range for them


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