Thursday, November 18, 2010


I am looking DCB and Union Bank for long term investment for 1-
2 years. Is banking sector is safe for long term? Pls suggest is it ok
to enter in these stock ok at this level? Ask by manish tayal

1. my view is negative on banking sector in this valuation because I think valuation of banking and auto sector is very high and these sector may underperforms in next rally.
2. Entry level for DCB is below 40 and union bank below 180 and I think this is not a fake..This level is possible when banking sector bubble is blast in this market .
3. But how many time to take the end story of banking rally I not sure so if you ask my view then it is negative for banking at this time
..(I think only kotak Mahindra bank below @400 is a good long term pick in banking sector)
4. This is my view only and I may be wrong .
5. Discloser:- no any banking stocks are in my holding.

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