Saturday, November 6, 2010


Dear kaushik ji,
I am new in stock market and planning to buy KUOTONS. Can I buy at current market rate Rs 103?
Kindly give your advice to me. Ask by shri vijendra singh
1. Vijendra ji KOUTONS RETAIL INDIA LTD is a 10 rupee face value retail company.
2. KOUTONS RETAIL INDIA LTD year high is 451 and year low 96 share traded at 102
3. FY 09-10 EPS of KOUTONS RETAIL INDIA LTD IS 26.95 BUT JUNE 2010 EPS ONLY 1.80 I wonder to see this type of sudden great downfall in EPS so I think company EPS have further concern in some quarters.
4. KOUTONS RETAIL INDIA LTD promoter holding in March 2010 is 65.11% in June 2010 63.90 % and sept 2010 59.50% so promoter continue dilute their holding and it is a great negative factor for any fundamental analysis. (FII also reduce their holding from 14.46 % TO 7.94 %).
5. We also see a huge bulk deals in this share CLICK HERE FOR DETAIL
6. So my view is negative for KOUTONS RETAIL INDIA LTD.
7. Book value of KOUTONS RETAIL INDIA LTD is 164.50 but in light of above some negative points I not consider it as value buy
8. I have no any share of KOUTONS RETAIL INDIA LTD.

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