Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Mahesh Ji,
What is your opinion about logix micro
Rajeev Daniel
1. Logix Microsystems ltd is a 10 rupee face value share in IT consulting and software sector
2. Logix Microsystems ltd 52 week high is 71 and currently share traded at 41 near his 52 week low 40.50
3. But my worry is to see these bulk deals in sell side
date 08/03/10 Sell 55,000 share @52.66
date 08/12/09 Sell 1,65,000 share @ 51.50
date 04/12/09 Sell 84,084 share @ 50.03
date 03/12/09 Sell 60,603 share @50.02
4. Promoter holding in Logix Microsystems ltd is 21.37 % and they increase there holding from 21.26 % this is a positive sign.
5. Company march 2010 and june 2010 EPS is nil but in fy 09-10 EPS is 9.82 so this is the concern that why this sudden and big fall in EPS (
and before this fall big player sell there stocks by above bulk deals).
6. Book value of Logix Microsystems ltd is 133.86 but only higher book value is not sufficient because book value of ensa steel is 139.29 but share traded at 11 only.
7. So my view is negative for Logix Microsystems ltd.
8. I have no any share of Logix Microsystems ltd.

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