Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I hold "EIH hotel" 100 SHARE @159. This share was Purchase last month
what is future price of this share.pls advise about this i can hold this for 1 year.
Krishna B. Gupta

1. EIH is 2 rupee face value hotel company.
2. EIH 52 week high is 180 and 52 week low is 101 , in the name of commonwealth game all hotel share run in last few months so I think you trap in this share in this time.
3. EPS of EIH is 1.46 only so in currant price 138 share traded at P/E of 94 means we pay 94 year earnings advance to buy a share. I think valuation of EIH is still very high.
4. book value of EIH is 36.06 only
5. so in the light of above points my view is negative for EIH
6. I have no any share of EIH

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