Monday, March 16, 2009


is arvind ltd is multibagger ?ask by chiru tummalapalli by mail

1-Arvind Ltd is my Fancy Stock. Fancy stock means are the stock that the investor's emotional attachment.

2-we should not give opinion about Fancy Stock to someone, because that is an exaggeration to describe it. However, in view of your faith in our site we give our opinion for you.
3- I have 1132 shares of Arvind Ltd's. So it is my discloser my personal interest in this company to be associated so read this article with this perspective.
4-face value of arvind ltd share is 10.
5 - Book value of arvind ltd share is 63.55 rupees.
6- The old name of arvind ltd is arvind mills private limited. It is a lalbhai group company
7- Arvind limited is India‘s largest denim manufacturer and in world third largest denim manufacturer.
8-arvind retail it’s subsidiary company record near about 70-80 percent growth in last 5 year.
9- Arvind brands it another subsidiary company.
10- we think in next two year arvind ltd launch 2 IPO arvind retail and arvind brands(or demerge them in separate company presently these two company is wholly owned subsidiary of company) then value of arvind share go up sharply. Please note this is our estimates only we have no base for this estimate.
11-LIC hold 7.31 percent stake in ARVIND LTD and this is a good sign because LIC is largest DII in India.
12- upside it is a long-term investment pick. Upside in arvind share is unlimited or unbelievable when it start rally. Target 36-46-90-140 and merge in 3 to 4 Companies. Please remember do not be more confident or bullish on the base of this point and do not be rise up your position on the base of this point because I may be wrong like other analysts in share market. So please read disclaimer before investing.
13- Once it crosses 46 successfully then your jet is start for ride.
17-Arvind ltd GDR listed with Luxembourg stock exchange.
18. in june 09 quarter arvind ltd have a profit of 85.70 million instead of a loss 478.70 million in year 08-09.

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  1. Still holding Arvind. It is 300 now. Will the stock go up more ?


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