Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sell Reliance Industry this week; buy Arvind Limited for Long term, Mahindra and Mahindra for short term.

Reliance Industry: -it is not smart to advice sell the country's top company reliance industry stock this week, Reliance may have to go away until 1650. However, it volume has been very high. Therefore, for the Sort-term target of about 1,300 Profit in this share can be book. EPS of Reliance Industry is 133.86 in March 2008 but in this year, it may be lower.

The face value of reliance industry stock is Rs 10. The book value of reliance industry stock is Sell Reliance Industry this week for a short term view.

Arvind mill (Arvind Ltd. a new name) :-Arvind Ltd is my Fancy Stock. Fancy stock means are the stock that the investor's emotional attachment. Should not give opinion about Fancy Stock to someone, because that is an exaggeration to describe it. I have 1,019 shares of Arvind Ltd's. So it is my discloser my personal interest in this company to be
associated so read this article with this perspective. Arvind Limited share Book Value is Rs 63.55. Arvind Limited face value is Rs 10. Arvind ltd shows 80-90 per cent growth in their retail business. They purpose a separate company arvind limited are made. So buy Arvind Limited for Long term.
Mahindra and Mahindra: - Mahindra and Mahindra stock's book Value is 181.43. Mahindra and Mahindra shares of Rs 10 face Value. However, this week we see Technical Bullish pattern in this share.
Therefore, in the Sort-term target of 550-650 can be taken. so buy Mahindra and Mahindra for short term.

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