Saturday, April 4, 2009

Can I buy sell or hold ICICI BANK share? A complete analysis of ICICI BANK share.

1. ICICI BANK is the largest private sector bank in India so we think ICICI BANK share is essential part of your portfolio
2. If we compare it with SBI, we preferred ICICI BANK because it is free from government disturbance.
3. ICICI BANK share face value is rs 10.
4. ICICI BANK is a dividend paying company
5. ICICI BANK share book value is 417.64 per share so fare value for ICICI BANK share is near about 400.
6. EPS of ICICI BANK share is 37.37 in March 2008 so it P/E is near about 10
7. We recommended our investors to buy ICICI BANK share below 400.
8. Volume is also suggested some thing will be happen in ICICI BANK

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