Wednesday, April 22, 2009


shri shankar marimuthu ask by e mail that "I currently own the Unitech shares of total 10,000 for the amount of Rs 32.CMP is 53. Will it go up to 150 in next 3 to 4 months ?
What would be its long-term growth? Please advise me, Sir. "

Dear investor,
1- Face value of unitec share is 2 rupees.

2- Book value of unitec share is 13.2 rupees. (Read in this blog )

3- EPS of last 4 quarters is 13 rupees. However, it is still in downtrend and in quarter 12/2008 earning per share (EPS) is only 0.12 rupees means in quarter Oct to dec company one share earn only 12 paisa.
4- We are not so bullish in this share but market run 25 percent based on fundamentals and 75 percent on the momentum. So we advice you a good strategy for your investment in the next 2 point.
5- We think fair value of unitec share is near about 15-20 in this time and current price is 47. Divide your 10000 share in 5 blocks each block have 2000 share. If unitec price will come down you can sell each block on the rate of 40-35-30-25-20. (This is your stop loss setting like dynamite fitting if you see price 40 you just sell your one block and see 35 sell 2nd block…… I think you understand these dynamite settings).if unitec really come down to this level you again purchase your entire share below 20
6- Suppose unitec come down only the level of 31 then only 4000 share is selling by you in the level of 40-35 and you buy again it on level of 34 if momentum is change.
7- and if your luck is better and unitec is turn around before 40 and go to 60 then your stop loss settings is trailing like 50-45-40-35-30 and so on…………..
8-point 5, 6, 7 is only trading suggestion but our view is bearish in this stock read my old article on this share in this link

9- I think it will not to go 150 within 3 months. If market is bullish maximum, level accepted 80 in 3-4 months.
10- Long term growth of company is accepted 5-6 percent only

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