Saturday, January 11, 2014


Now one free Apps name " Sharegenius " is available at google play store. 
You can download and install this free android app in your android phone and read all of my blogs along with BSE quotes. 
This App has 6 tabs 
 1. Stock Tips:- When you open this tab you read my website where i update fundamental stock tips and stocks which full fill all of my stock choosing criterias like net revenue per share, base price , year high/ low ratio etc. 
2. Stock Q&A :- This tab open your favourite sharegenius blog where you read latest stock question and answers. 
3. Penny share:- In this tab you find my penny share blog where you read speculative stocks below Rs 10 
4. Mutual funds ;- In this tab you read my view on mutual funds. 
5. My Book :- This tab refer you to Amazon website where you can buy my book about stock market. 
6. BSE QUOTE :- This tab provide you latest quotes of any BSE listed stock from BSE website 
Hope you may enjoy this free App 
Here is the download link for this app 

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