Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Compact Disc India Ltd:Downside is remain.

hello sir, i have certain high loss stocks. 1) Compack Disc - 300 @ 67 , Nw MP Rs 5. 2) Ferro Alloy - 500 @ 42, Nw MP Rs 4.5 3) GTL infre - 200 @ 45, Nw MP Rs 2.5 4) Ib sec - 200 @ 60, Nw MP Rs. 10. I am planing to make average and get my cost down by buying each 1000 shares expect ib sec, and ibsec 200 share. do you think i should avg as i am using a lot of money.? Or what should i do.? ask by shimnit 
1. Shimnit ji you ask 4 stocks at a time so as per rule and give chance to others today we discuss only one of your share compack disc ltd. 
2. Shimnit, please do not invest more than 5000 in a single stock at a time, their are 500+ good dividend paying stocks in Indian market so why not we diversify our portfolio with lot of good dividend paying companies, you can follow my portfolio at www.maheshkaushik.com or download list of all dividend paying companies of indian stock market at this link http://winningtheory.blogspot.in/search/label/DOWNLOADS 3. Compact Disc India Ltd is a 10 rupee face value stock. 
4. Year high and year low for Compact Disc India Ltd is 29.55 and 5.49, if a stock down more than 50 % within a year then i unlike this stock. 
5.Recent hike in Compact Disc India Ltd is due to promoter stake hike . Pariscope Financial Advisers Pvt. Ltd., a promoter group Company has purchased 28,358 equity shares of the Company during the last week from May 06, 2013 to May 10, 2013 
6.Promoters holding in Compact Disc India Ltd is 24.71 % this year and promoters increase it from 19.43% , this is a good point. 
7. Net revenue of Compact Disc India Ltd is zero which is a great negative point for stock. 
8. Overall my view is negative for Compact Disc India Ltd due to zero sells and no profits plus year high/low ratio also suggest that downside in Compact Disc India Ltd is remain. 9. I have no any share of Compact Disc India Ltd.

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  1. Sir, Whats your opinion about HDIL & GMR Infra?
    Thanking You,


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