Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Aro granite industries Ltd

Dear Sir, I have a query on ARO GRANITE.I have seen that this is a regular dividend paying stock and also the total shares are only about 10 million. And if we go with the consumption story of India then these companies might do well more so when the interest rates start to soften. I also see a small percentage of promoter shares are pledged. Is this okay ? I request your expert views on this. Ask by Raj. 
1.Aro granite industries Ltd is a 10 rupee face value Indo next script.
2. Year high 41 and year low 30.25 and the stock traded near his year low at 31, ratio is positive but trading near the year low is a concern which shows the stock is weak at this point. 
3. Promoters holding in Aro granite industries Ltd are 40.95% and FII holding 1.94 % which is good, but as you research ( good, I appreciate your research keep it up) promoters pledged his 25% stocks it means real promoters holding without pledged is near 30% that is also good. 
4. Regular dividend paying of 1 rupee per share, good. 
5. I think this is a continue hold but if you see the price fall below 25 then I think something is wrong and an exit is advised if the price fall below 25 otherwise good and hold, if below 25 happen and you are exiting then please ask me again for next strategy. 
6.i Have no any share of Aro granite industries Ltd.

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