Sunday, July 15, 2012


Namasthe Mahesh ji,
I am regular reader of your blog, and i like your shopkeeper approach. I have one question regarding VISAKA INDUSTRIES. I bought 100 shares of VISAKA @140 and CMP is around 87/. Please let me know future of this company. Shall i buy some more quantity at this price. Thank you for your valuable suggestion.
Thanking you

1.VISAKA INDUSTRIES LTD is a 10 rupee face value cement stock.
2. Year high and low of VISAKA INDUSTRIES LTD is 108.75 and 57.05 and CMP is 94 now so this ratio is good i think stock of VISAKA INDUSTRIES LTD is not a bearish stock .
3. promoters holding in VISAKA INDUSTRIES LTD is 37.65 % FII also hold some quantity.
4. In 2 July stock give 5 rupee per share dividend i think you will get it soon.
5. this is a low equity stock like Hyderabad industries so i think you may be get an exit in decent profit.
6. So my view is positive for VISAKA INDUSTRIES LTD, i have no any stock of VISAKA INDUSTRIES LTD.

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