Saturday, July 21, 2012


I purchased Tata Motors @ Rs252/-, now it is 233/- , shill i sell this to stop loss, what is your view on this please advise me.
Thank you ask by shri Aravin R
1. Tata moters is a 10 rupee face value stock and tata moters is a part of sensex also , now CMP of stock is 223 .
2.Year high of tata moters is 320.65 and year low 137.65
3. Book value of tata moters is 63.27 only.
4.promoters of tata moters continue dilute there holdings in last 3 quarters from 35.05 % to 34.71 %  this dilution in equity is ignorable because this is not a huge dilution .
5.this stock is spilt in 13.09.2011 and my formula is " avoid a stock for 2 year in case of spilt and bonus issue " because in past years we see a downtrend after bonus and splits.
5. so stock is good but if i am in your side than i sell my holdings at CMP and try to buy it again near 150. this type of trade called smart trade in past i advised  this type of smart trade in punj lloyed case and market proove my eastimate read this former article to understand smart trade concept

and after that selling i not to buy punj lloyed again until punj lloyed fulfill my terms of buying read this next article to understand that why i buy 50 punj lloyed again at near 50

i hold 50 punj lloyed and tata moters is not in my holding

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