Saturday, December 4, 2010


Hi Sir,
Thank you for sharing your views.
Can you also let me know your views on "Tanla".Can this become a turn around share?
It has a book value of 90, Regular dividend paying company, Promoter is not selling his holdings, Corporates are also holidng it, Zero Debt company.
1. Tanla solution is a 1 rupee face value IT company IPO price of this share is 265 but after IPO share spilt from 2 rupee face value to 1 rupee face value so if we adjusted spilt price than IPO price is 132.5
2. book value of tanla solution is 62.14 and share quoted at 22 so this is a value buying generally I see most of IT company with low book value but this is odd case where book value is 2.5 time high from traded price.
3. Promoter holding of tanla solution is 35.68 % FII holding 4.87% FII continue reduce there holding in tanla from 22 % to 4.87 % so this is the nagative point for this stock.
4. Tanla Solutions Ltd announces deployment of a new service in its 3G platform with MTNL
5. Tanla is granted patent by the Indian Patent Office - Automated Meter Reading System and method thereof
6. This company is continuing pay dividends and I think it is no problem to hold further but it may take time 4-6 months for turn arround story
7. Tanla solution is not in my portfolio.

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