Monday, May 3, 2010


I am holding the veritas India ltd @5564 .is it a good stock for long term? Sir tells your views.

1. Veritas India ltd is a T group share in consulting services. It is a 10 rupees face value share.
2. EPS of this share is 0.97 and P/E is 7710 means you pay 7710 year earning of share to buy it. Can you say this is wise?
3. Book value of veritas India ltd is only 14.60 and CMP is 7478. Are CMP is fair?
4. Promoter holds 67.40 percent in this share is a good promoter holding.
5. Year low of this share is 119 and CMP is 7478.
6. As usual this share has no dividend history, this company never gives dividend and debt/equity ratio is 2.74 means very high debt company also.
7. Now I tell you reason that why veritas run fast without fundamental support. It is simple that veritas have only 996000 share of 10 rupees face value ( company have plan to stock spilt) and after 67.40 percent promoter holding general public hold only 318720 share and if one could hold these share and create a demand in market than price is go higher and higher.
8. This story happen many times in T group share and once price down it may convert in a penny stock for long period. So please avoid this stock and if hold just sell it. (This is not advice this is my view).
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