Sunday, May 16, 2010


Mahesh ji, Can u please give me your valuable suggestion on Arman Financial, please.
Ask by anonymous
1. Arman financial is a 10 rupees face value finance company share.
2. Promoter holding is 36.40 percent. I think promoter holding is normal.
3. Book value of this share is 19.96 so currant price 14.75 is below book value.
4. In 2005 this share gives dividend of 0.60 per share.
5. EPS of arman financial is 1.97 and P/E is 7.49
6. As per information of bulk deals Mr. ASHWINKANTILAL PARIKH sell his 21343 share at 12.04
.2010 at price of 20.45 and after that this share is continues in downtrend.
7. All other point is positive but point 6 is negative so I think one could buy this scrip neat about range of 7-10 for safe side.
8. My holding is ZERO in this share.

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