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sharegenius volume 2

Respected readers,
Thank you for your love and faith for my small service. Wish you a very happy new year 2010. My blog complete his 1 year and in this 1 year near about 19000 visitors come on my blog and my blog have 50 regular e mail subscribers through feed burner .so I give you again thanks for appreciating my work
Mahesh chander kaushik

-: question answer segment:-

Torrent power ( ask by shri Rajiv denial ji):-torrent power is a 10 rupees face value share . Book value of torrent power is 68.4 so book value of torrent power is more then r power(57.4). But remember R power is zero debt company but torrent power has debt of 3252.53 cr. And debt/equity ratio is 1.1. Promoter of torrent power pledged his 20.97 percent share against debt. So I like more reliance power due to his zero debt. And think that current price of torrent power is high (P/E=39)

6 best companies for coming 5 year :- shri vaidhin ask me that Sir, I want to invest 30000 in shares for long term(5 years). Would u plz suggest some shares. I am thinking of reliance power. Is it good to invest in single company or would u suggest some similar companies??
Vaidhin ji we discuss reliance power in last volume. I think 5 year is a very long term periods and may be many things is changed in coming 5 year but I think this is wise to divide your money in 6 block rs 5000 each and invest in these 6 companies
1. Idea cellular :- currently market is unfaouver in telecom sectors and I knew this is not a leader of telecom but generally we see that if a sectors start performing leader got just double or triple but these small 3-4 number company got much better return. I think 160 is very easy target for this.
2. R power:- as we discuss in sharegenius volume 1 click here to read my view about arvind ltd discloser- I hold 10 share of R power so my personal interest is included in this company.
3. Arvind ltd:- as you knew that arvind is my fancy stock click here to read sharegenius volume 1 discloser- I hold 1263 share of arvind ltd so my personal interest is included in this company.

4. Punj lloyed:- increasing construction and infrastructure company knew as mini L&T discloser- I hold 11 share of punj lloyed so my personal interest is included in this company.
5. Rolta India:-10 rupees face value IT share with book value of 101 with 41.97 percent promoters holding.
6. Karnataka bank:- growing private sectors bank with book value of Karnataka bank is 128.6 and share is available at attractive price.
Nagarjuna fertilizers ( ask by shri alkari nirnjan ji):-nagarjuna fertilizer is a 10 rupees face value share . Book value of nagarjuna is 21.3 . Promoter holding 35.32 percent and promoter pledged his 69.57 percent holding. Total debt on nagarjuna fertilizer is 1315 cr. So very high debt trading stock performs only in bull market last quarter EPS only 0.20 so I not like this share.
Ispat industries ( ask by shri alkari niranjn ji):- ispat industries are a 10 rupees face value share . Book value of ispat industries is -1.15 ( yes minus book value means share eat your money). Debt/equity ratio is 9.04 I never see such a high debt/equity ratio this means per share have 9.04 rupees debt. So very high debt trading stock perform only in bull market so I not like this share.

-: Record date segment:-

1.Balarampur chini declare 14-1-2010 to 29-01-2010 his book closer for 300 percent dividend.
2. Titagarh ste declare 09-01-2010 his record date for amalgamation
3. Escorts declare 10 percent dividend but record date is not declare.
4. Lancor holding declare 50 percent interim dividend but record date is not declare.
Some of our reader asks that what is the benefit of record date segment ? yes this is very beneficial if you like a share which record date is near then buy it before record date and avail benefit of coming dividend or bonus and then wait for 5-10 percent return and sell it after record date if 5-10 percent return is available.

-: bullish view segment:-

Last Sunday I tell my bullish view about sasken communication this share not achive his target 220-230 so still hold it ( discloser:- I hold 10 share of sasken)
Now I see increasing volume and trades in tata steel ( I think my reader understand that increasing volume and increasing number of trades is my base for short term bullish view I avoid fundamental in short term view ) so I think tata steel may give some short term decent retrun.

sent your questions and view for next addition to

this is my view only not professional advice read disclaimer before take any action.


  1. Dear Sir,
    Recently I came to know fundamental target of share using your easy formula. for example Gujarat State Petronet 11232800000/562698981=19.96+44.91=64.87=32.44-3.2=29. So the fundmental price of this stock is Rs 29. Please advice me how to calculate the long term value of this share. Some shares going double in 3month. Please answer to

    George Daniel from Kuwait

  2. it is true daniel ji some share going double to triple but that is speculative price not fundamental target. please try to diffarance in fundamental and speculation. and as your calclulation it is possible to see 29 price in GSPL so my view AVOID for GSPL
    if 29 come ( not sure but posiblities is there) than i post a review on this blog


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