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sharegenius volume 3

Respected readers,
Market is again in bull phase and many insurance companies launch his new unit base plans. So we warn our readers that they act carefully to invest in insurance companies unit base plan please read my former article that insurance is not an investment on following link
I will be invited your comments on this issue
Mahesh chander kaushik

-: question answer segment:-
ARVIND LTD (ask by shri vijay from Bangalore) shri vijay ask me that “Referring to your blog
Arvind Limited too is my fancy share. I have put a sizeable investment of mine in this stock through Apr-Jun 2009. Wanted to know your view as of Jan 2010. Also how do you value their real estate interest and when do you think they will start unlocking the value.”
Vijay ji I think in 2011-12 arvind ltd is a good performing share and start unlocking the value and in Jan 2010 I think arvind may touch 68 before budget and after budged rally ma depend on budged effect on textile sectors. (Discloser: - I hold 1303 share of arvind so my personal interest is included in this share)

JINDAL SAW( ask by shri GOKUL ji):-shri gokul ji ask that why jindal saw is trading below book value . Gokul ji book value of jindal saw is 81.26 and it traded on 190.95 so this share is not traded below it book value . Jindal saw is a 2 rupees face value share with 46.44 percent promoter holding and before spilt it sept 09 EPS is 27.58 so I think jindal saw it not a value buying in current price.

CALS REFINARY TARGET( ask by shri itefreak ji) Mr. itfreak ji ask that “Could you pls let me know about the future of cals,do you know that state govt is the guarantor to the loan and also they will achieve PCPIR status by 2015-2016,commercial production is going to start in DEC 2011,last year in 2008 of just FC rumors stock rose to 128 from 0.70 paisa and it happened in just 8 mths,if FC happened will the history repeat?”
Sorry itefreak sir I do not new about this news and not believe above points . Please sent me web link for above stories so I check authenticity of above news and if above news is authentic I will be publish it in m next issue.

Fortis heathcare ( ask by shri Robert joseph ji):- fortis healthcare is a good share in good sector . book value of fortis healthcare is 56.26 and traded at 2.2 time of book value so for a new investment wait for cool down market rally and invest in range of 75-100 is a good value buying promoter holding in fortis is 68.45 percent and consolidate network to 45 hospitals with 6600 bads read full story at following link

Videocon industries ( ask by shri Robert joseph ji):- this is an Indian multinational investor friendly company give continue dividend in last 4 -5 years. Videocon industries is a value buying traded below it book value . Book value of videocon is 312.76 and available at 250.25. This is a 10 rupees face value share with 69.01 percent promoters holding and 4.57 percent FII holding so fundamentally sound share for long term investment

Crans software ( ask by satya ji):-crans software is a 2 rupees face value share and EPS of sept 2009 quarter is only 0.41 book value is 53.70 so I do not like crans software due to great earnings falls in sept 2009 and think that this is the end of a speculation rally and share may enter in a long term rest zone.
-: Record date segment:-

1.Balarampur chini declare 14-1-2010 to 29-01-2010 his book closer for 300 percent dividend.
2. Banswara syntax declare 15-01-2010 for 15 percent interim dividend
3. Mahan industries declare 18-01-2010 for stock spilt..
4. Religare enterprises declare 18.01.2010 for right issue.
Some of our reader asks that what is the benefit of record date segment ? yes this is very beneficial if you like a share which record date is near then buy it before record date and avail benefit of coming dividend or bonus and then wait for 5-10 percent return and sell it after record date if 5-10 percent return is available.

-: bullish view segment:-

In sharegenius volume 1 , I tell my bullish view about sasken communication this share not achieve his target 220-230 so still hold it ( discloser:- I hold 10 share of sasken) but in 07-01-2010 NORTEL NETWORKS MAURITIUS LTD sell 235000 share of sasken so this is a bad news I still hold my shares .
In sharegenius volume 2 I tell that tata steel (@612)may give some short term decent return. Current price is( 650.25) many intra day trader and future trader send thanks to me for this pick .I think this is still a hold for target of 700+

Currently Satyam computer is shown great movement @108 so this is a great trading pick for next trading week.

Sent your questions and view for next addition to
this is my view only not professional advice read disclaimer before take any action.

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