Saturday, December 26, 2009


Hi kaushik views on infomedia18 requested.
Ask by shri dhir gps
Respected dhir ji
1.infomedia 18 is a 10 rupees face value share make his year high 130.05 at 5 June 09 currently traded at 46.55 due to ex right issue.
2.Promoter holding in infomedia 18 is 43.32 percent is good and FII hold 9.22 percent share.
3.The great Indian investor jhunjhunwala family holds 7.57 percent quantity in infomedia 18 as information available at BSE site. So this is a good sign.
4.Currently this is a loss making company so when turn around happen it give you multiple return.
5.I think one can slowly accumulated these shares of infomedia 18 at every down fall for a view of 2-3 years it can give 4-5 times return.
This analysis is my view only not a professional advice read disclaimer before take any action.

Pending analysis (share queries in queue to publish this blog):- difference between small cap, mid cap or large cap, jp hydro power, Rmedia wrld, 15 year investment plan for girl child, marg construction, in mutual fund , ETF, direct equity which is best? grasim, silverline industries.
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