Sunday, December 6, 2009


Kindly suggest if I should buy XL Telecom and Austral Projects at current levels please. I am not sure about fundamentals of this company.
XL Telecom -- CMP @ 29 ( Continuously hitting lower circuits )
Austral coke and Projects - CMP @ 10 (Continuously hitting lower circuits ) -ASK BY SHRI KUMAR VINAY JI

1.Promoters holding in austral coke are 65.91 percent is good.
2.Debt/equity ratio in austral coke (ACPL) is 0.67 means normal debt company.
Face value of austral coke is rs 1 only so not think that current price 8.65 is below face value.
3.but share is not bad (generally I not like 1 rupees face value share ) because book value of ACPL share is 11.5
4.Austral coke manufacturing low ash metallurgical coke and refractory.This company have also textile trading business and rental business of earth moving and construction machinery so good diversifications.
5.Current capacity of ACPL is 375000 mt per year.
6.Pricing of LAM coke is also upward and china stops his coke export so company share is good for long term.
7.austral coke is banned by sebi for rising further fund due to income tax ofr other financial fraud news for company is a great negative point
8.ACPL is recently cool down after a speculation rally due to above sebi ban so rest period for next bull run in austral coke and projects is may be 3-5 year or may be dilisted also only high risk profile investore who able to lost his money is play in this share for a forgetting period of minimum 3 year. But high risk give always high retrun.

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This analysis is my view only not a professional advice read disclaimer before take any action.
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