Sunday, July 5, 2009

stock recommendations by mahesh kaushik

Now we gives you some share tips on every Sunday for buying on delivery base and hold for 7 days to 2 month we also discuss our past recommendations in every Sunday. So I think you are ready to read our recommendations but be patience first read our rules for investing
1. Read disclaimer on this blog and author is not liable to any losses.
2. These recommendations are only for delivery base buying in cash market not for future and option and intra day trading.
3. strictly follow stop loss.
4. you also sent your quarry and comments directly to (read 00 as zero zero)
5. Only rs 5000 will be invested in each stock because if you wait maximum 2 months period for recommendations. Then you are able to more purchase by remaining money in your hand.
So now read our reconditions
Infosys: - buy 1780 and our target is 2200 in short-term stop loss is 1600.
Punj lloyed: - buy at 220 and our target is 350 stop loss is 165
Arvind ltd: - buy at 29.50 our target is 43 and stop loss is 25
Hotel leela: - buy at 31 and our target is 40 and stop loss is 26
i hold all four stock so this is my discloser that my personal intrest also involve in these stocks.


  1. This is very useful blog 4 new share investers. Author doing very hard work to give tips to readers. So i thank to M.C. Kaushik & give him my heartly blessing to grow up.

  2. thank you govind ji your blessing increase my confidence thank you very much for such type of comments

  3. A man With Great Wisdom.....
    Sir your knowledge and deep understanding of life changed my life also.....
    Three cheers for this real asset to the world.

  4. Mr. Mahesh...YOu are really doing great work for us newcomers. May god bless you for this.

  5. Appreciate your efforts spreading knowledge to new comers that is too keeping away personal interest.


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