Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Hi, Kindly suggest me to invest in share market. I have a demat acct but not yet traded. Even I am afraid about to enter into share. But all my friends are suggesting to start trade So pl. advice me and guide me Thanks-Madhavan.(ASK BY MAIL)
Respected p madhva sheshan ji,
Please start your investment in a small quantity. As your confidence developed, you may increase your investment. In current market I advice you to buy 10 unit of nifty benchmark exchange traded scheme @410-400 per unit. In this 10 unit, your investment is 4000-4100 only.
Then wait if market start rally we book profit to increase your level of confidence and if market down then we average these unit at level of 380.
Nifty benchmark exchange traded scheme traded on NSE as any other share but it is not a single share. It is a derivative of 50 nifty stocks.
Therefore, your risk is small in this ETF. If your d mat account is in icici then icicidirect code of nifty benchmark exchange traded scheme is NIFBEE. The price of nifbee is 1/10 of nifty.
For more details read this link
Mahesh chander kaushik

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