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Past Performance of My Sharegenius Multibagger Stocks App Recommendation.

Respected Readers,
I publish 4 Type of Stocks Recommendations through my blogs and app, Many of my readers still confuse that how they trade,/invest in these four types of recommendations.
So, In this article, I told you that " How to use my "Sharegenius Multibagger Stocks App Recommendations" along with other 3 types of stock tips.

Types of My Stock Recommendations:-
1. Multibagger Stocks to invest-These recommendations published on my homepage  
If you use my app, then you find it under fundamentals tips tab of my app.
I recommended to investing 10% of your monthly income in every recommendation and not to be greedy. 
Suppose your average monthly income is INR 66589 then invest only INR 6659 in every stock who published under this category.
The holding period for these recommendations are from 1 year to 3 years and expected returns are 30% to 500%., No stop loss is required for long-term holding.
Multibagger stocks recommendations are for holding purpose, and all of these recommendations are dividend paying and full fill all of my stock selecting criteria,
Read past performance of multi-bagger stocks recommendation here:-
2. My Penny Share: - These recommendations publish on my blog
If you use my app, then you may find it under Penny Share tab of my app. 
Stock below the price of INR 20 which are highly undervalued publishes under penny share.
I recommended investing 5% of your monthly income in my every new penny stock recommendation supposes your monthly income is 20,000 then invest only INR 1000 in each penny share.
The holding period for penny share is one month to 5 years because we not use stop loss for this kind of recommendation. 
We book 25% to 200% profits in penny share
See past performance of penny share here:-
3. Trading stocks for the short term: - These recommendations publish on my blog 
You may also find it under "Trading Stocks for Short term" tab of my app.
These recommendations proof my theory of compounding which I give in chapter 2 of my book. Where I told that if you invest initially $100 ( INR 6600) and add $10 (INR660) every month and book 15% profits in my style, then your initial investment of $100(INR6600) will grow $71803722 (INR 4739045652) in 30 Years.
I published a detail performance report of Trading stocks recommendations where I give more details of above Chapter 2 theory and step by step I prove this theory because of many of my book readers email me that it is impossible to make such a huge money through an initial investment of INR 6600 only.
Read part 1 of this performance report here: -How Chinki Earn INR 4,73,90,45,652 from Initial investment of INR 6600
4. My Sharegenius Multibagger Stocks App Recommendation: - These 4th type of recommendations does not publish on my blog, In every 3-7 Days I sent a push notification on my app where I recommended stocks which give a positive breakout over his 30,50, 150 and 200 DMA.
These type of stocks are technically sound stocks and give near 10% to 40% return within 1-2 months so in this post we see past performance of these app recommendations. Before we continue my advice to watch these videos if you do not watch them earlier:-
And also watch this 2nd related video where I told how to find out DMA of stocks and how to calculate DMA of stocks:-
How to Get My App Recommendations: - You can download my app from google play or apple app store from these links:-
For trading, through my app recommendations, I recommended allocating one time INR 60,000 for these recommendationa initially and invest INR 10,000 in each of new tip and rotate your money.
Rules for Trading in App Recommendation:-
1. Allocate INR 60,000 initially.
2. Invest INR 10,000 in every 30,50,150 &200 DMA breakout stocks.
3. Book 15% profit ( In my book I told 15% profit as standard profit but if you book your profit in the short term means 3 days to 1 months then you need to pay 15% short term capital gains on your profit So If you book 15% profit then you get near 11% return after brokerage, short term capital gain tax, and interest depreciation.)  Interest depreciation mean if you do not trade in the stock market and put your money in saving account then you get near 4% interest without doing anything so when we buy a stock then we do not get this 4% interest I called this interest as interest depreciation during our holding period.
4. 10% stop loss strictly applies in these breakout recommendations.
Now we start to calculate that what you lost or get through my app recommendation:-
1.  25 May 2016: - I publish my 1 st app notification that " Oriental Hotels @ 23.40 Breakout over his 30,50,150 and 200 DMA."
Target =15% above from 23.40= 26.91
Stop Loss= 10% below from 23.40 = 21.06.
Oriental Hotels Hit his target  26.91on 30 June 2016 ( Holding time 1 month 6 days)
2.  26 May 2016: - I publish my 2 nd app notification that " UCAL Fule systems @ 108.10 Breakout over his 30,50,150 and 200 DMA"
Target =15% above from 108.10= 124.31
Stop Loss= 10% below from 108.10 = 97.29.
UCAL Fule systems Hit his target  133 ( after price of 116.90 direct 133.00 will come instead of 124.31) on 16 Aug 2016 ( Holding time 2 month 21 days)
3.  30 May 2016:- I publish my 3rd app notification that " Siemens @ 1202.90 Breakout over his 30,50,150 and 200 DMA"
Target =15% above from 1202.90= 1383.33
Stop Loss= 10% below from 1202.90 = 1082.61.
Stock touch 1355 but still hold for target 1383.33

I think you understand how to use my app recommendations, due to lack of time unable to post performance of all recommendations. 
So kindly download this excel sheet to see all of my earlier app recommendations performance on 16 Sept 2016:-
 Link to app recommendations excel sheet
Above excel sheet is shared by Ravikanth Verma (one of my followers).
If you ask something in comments or through e mail and you do not get any reply from me, then please do not discourage and continue communicate your thoughts with your love and faith.
I feel sorry because due to 20-30 emails per day or near 30-40 comments per day on various posts or youtube It is impossible for me to reply all, but I try my best to answer all of you.
Mahesh Kaushik.

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