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Dear Mahesh Sir 
I have read your book “The Winning Theory in Stock Market”. I have Faced a problem to find out BASE PRICE OF STOCK in your book, you have written that 3 years closing price of a particular stock divided by 3yrs trading day in exchange website. How to find 3yrs closing price and trading day,please explain me with hypothetical example. Hope you will reply at the earliest. Your sincerely Kamalesh Bhattacharjee ID: 14583 
1. Respected Kamlesh ji sorry for 10 day delayed reply due to lot of work. 
2.Now we learn how to locate last 3 year closing price and trading days, suppose you want to search out Historical price data of Country club hospitality and holidays Ltd 
3. First of all open home page of BSE website at this web adress
4. Now go to Home  Markets  Equity  Historical Data  Stock Prices
5. Means in home page click on Markets tab.

6. Now click on stock prices as shown in this picture
7. Now you see this window:-
8. In search box fill Country Club India Ltd ( when you type first 3 character then name of company automatic displayed in drop down menu then choose him
9. Fill desired date rang and then click submit and finally in right hand side corner click on download all record now all record will be downloaded in excel sheet. See this picture

10. But before you click on download all record do not forget to click on submit tab
11. Hope now you are happy and enjoy your data.
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