Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Prakash Constrowell Ltd : Wait and Watch

Good morning mk sir... Sir what is your view on Prakash Constrowell Ltd . Pune based company .. In reality .....Ask by Anand Reddy. 
1.Prakash Constrowell Ltd is a 1 rupee face value Construction & Engineering company.Prakash Constrowell Ltd split It stocks face value from 10 rupee to 1 rupee in 13/12/2012 , So as per my rule 2 years are over from face value split. 
2.Prakash Constrowell Ltd year high is 4.14 and year low is 0.53 , Stock traded @2.31 ,so this is a problem , because when year high/year low ratio is above 2 than I think stock is not stable and more downside will be remain. 
3.Promoters of Prakash Constrowell Ltd hold 64.13 % stake but they pledged his 24.81% , So this is a high debt company. 
4. Prakash Constrowell Ltd Sales are down from last year. 
5. Net selling per share in 2013-14 is 12 ( but if we count in ratio of currant 2 quarters then It is 4.77)
6. So overall I think stock of Prakash Constrowell Ltd is not bad if available below 2 and and one should start accumulating from this price but as my year high/low ratio formula warn that something is wrong in this stock, It is wise to wait and watch at-least 6 more months. 
7. I have no any share of Prakash Constrowell Ltd.

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