Saturday, September 7, 2013

SSWL (steel strips wheels limited)

Hi, I am Suresh. What is your view on SSWL (steel strips wheels limited). Thanks in advance.
Hi, What's your view on Tata steel? You always mention that if the stock price is 50% down than year high, do not buy. Why can't we take this as buying opportunity? When should we start investing in this type of shares? Ask by Perisetla Suresh kumar. 
1.SSWL (steel strips wheels limited) is an auto parts company, SSWL (steel strips wheels limited) belongs to indo next group where small scale industries will be listed. Normally i unlike to invest in indo next script.
2.Year high of SSWL (steel strips wheels limited) is 240.90 and year low 111.50 ,this ratio is above 2 so i think wait sometime for a fresh investment . 
Now i reply your next question about buying opportunity in tata steel I always mention that if the stock price is 50% down than year high, do not buy. Why can't we take this as buying opportunity Yes we can take it as buying opportunity if this will happen in a blue chip like tata steel but normally my past experience say that if a stock year high/low is above 2 and stock traded near it year low then stock make more and more year low and not to give a decent upward movement until this ratio is stable below 2. So if you sure about other fundamentals then you may avoid this term. 
3. Promoters holding in SSWL (steel strips wheels limited) is 54.21 % and promoters increase their holding from 53.82 % , Increasing in promoters holding is a good sign. 
4.SSWL (steel strips wheels limited) is a dividend paying stock and no any bulk deal recorded in last 2 years. 5.Overall i recommended pricol ltd in auto parts sector instead of SSWL because pricol has low equity and good sales. 
6. I have no any share of steel strips wheels limited but pricol ltd is in my personal holdings .

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