Sunday, August 5, 2012


Mahesh Ji,
I am new in share market, please guide me kingfishre airlines is good to invest for short term.
Thanks in advance.ask by nitin ji
1. KINGFISHER AIRLINES LTD is a 10 rupee face value airline stock which have made new low of 9.15
2.Year high and year low of KINGFISHER AIRLINES LTD is 34.15 and 8.94 and as i describe in HOW TO CHOOSE A STOCK FOR INVESTMENT this ratio is not good.
3. Promoters of . KINGFISHER AIRLINES LTD  also reduce there holding from 58.61 % to 35.86 % so reducing of promoters holdings is very negative point.
4. We See Many bulk deal in stock . KINGFISHER AIRLINES LTD  these are also negative when we choose a stock for investment than always avoid stock with bulk deals because this is a sign of speculating.
5. So my view is negative in . KINGFISHER AIRLINES LTD  and as usual i have no any stock of . KINGFISHER AIRLINES LTD .

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