Saturday, May 12, 2012


i am holding s kumar at 87 what should i do- ask by anonymous
( i request to my readers that" please give your name in your question-mahesh kaushik)
1.S. KUMARS NATIONWIDE LTD is a 10 rupee face value textile company.
2.year high of S. KUMARS NATIONWIDE LTD is 70.65 and year low 22.10 and stock traded at 26. so when i analysis this ratio of year high and year low than it is show that you may be not get your buying price 87 again in coming 1-2 year.
3. But when we see promoter holding of 48.59 % and promoters increase his holding from 45.74 % than it is good. can visit S. KUMARS NATIONWIDE at this link
5.Book value of S. KUMARS NATIONWIDE LTD is 47.86 so your buying price is very high.
6. i am not authorized to give an advice to you but i tell you my thinking that if i am in your side than i sell my holding at currant price and start a 1000 per month SIP for 2 year in same stock to recover my loss in this script.
buy sell tips for s kumars nationwide ltd target of s kumars nationwide ltd june July 2012 long term target of s kumars nationwide ltd.

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