Thursday, February 3, 2011


Mahesh Ji,
I wish to buy an Oil Company Share in this low market times. Which one you suggest. What is your opinion about IOC?
Rajeev Daniel

1. Rajeev ji i think oil and sugar is a govt controlled commodity and you lost golden chance to buy oil companies share 2-3 year ago when they traded on his all time lows.
2. This is govt policy that when they think rise money from follow up issues and election is so far then they partially decontrol petrol price remember oil prices is not fully decontrold in india.
3. so i think govt regulation may affact PRICE of oil and sugar companies shares.
4. So my view is negative for oil companies shares at CMP
5. I have no any shares of oil companies.
6. After these follow up issues and continue uptrend in inflation i think it is risky to buy oil companies shares.

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