Friday, May 29, 2009


hello name is a student and am learning about stock markets.i want to invest in equities upto 5000rupees.please suggest me which shares will be good to invest..thank you.

Respected satya ji
You have very small money to invest in market but I suggest you two main shares to invest for a long-term horizon. And I describe why I suggest you these picks.
A. punj Lloyd is mini Larsen and turbo:-
1- Satya ji if you invest your money in punj Lloyd in current market price you get 25 share of punj Lloyd
2- Punj Lloyd EPS is 10.50 and it traded at P/E of 18
3-In top 225 global contractor’s punj Lloyd rank is 107
4-we think - Punj Lloyd grow minimum 9-10 percent in next 5-7 year and remember it share price grow at least 25-30 per year because market react 3 times on a good or bad fundamental
5-our estimate for next 5-7 year price of this company share is minimum 1250 ( it may be wrong like other analyst please read disclaimer before investing and I personally hold 31 share of punj Lloyd so my personal interest also related with this company . please read this article on this view).

6- There are order backlogs of more than 20000 crore at 18 may 2009 in - Punj Lloyd.
B. delivery base nifty: -

most of investor does not know that they invest in nifty like any other share on delivery base. Yes NIFBEE is nifty benchmark exchange traded fund and trade on NSE like other share it unit price is 1/10 of nifty so you can buy 10 unit of NIFBEE for a long term and get advantage of nifty 50 share in such a small money

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